Spring Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

A person is completing AC maintenance and giving a thumbs up that indicates a well-functioning system.

You probably have quite a few items on your spring cleaning checklist, so you might not be thinking much about your HVAC systems. But, as the weather warms up and you start switching from relying on heating to relying on air conditioning, you should start thinking about them now.

Taking the time to care for your heating and air conditioning systems is crucial to ensuring they’ll last for many years to come. Since you’re already doing tasks around the house, it’s the perfect time to add these spring maintenance tips for your HVAC system to your checklist this year!

Check the Temperature in Your Home

Have your energy bills been creeping up recently, or have you been noticing your heating and cooling systems don’t seem to be doing their jobs? Before the hot weather really gets going, you’re going to want to make sure your system runs effectively, so test it out. If you notice any problems, contact residential HVAC contractors ASAP.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A perfect spring HVAC maintenance tip is to install a programmable “smart” thermostat. Being able to control your thermostat from your phone or set it to follow an automated schedule both saves you money and saves you time. You can even use a smart system across an entire building or complex. If you need assistance with installing a programmable thermostat system in your workplace or a building you manage, seek help from commercial HVAC contractors.

Replace Your Air Filter(s)

Your HVAC units (both heating and cooling) have air filters designed to suck dust, dirt, and other particles from the air. These are meant to be replaced at least yearly, so removing and replacing your air filter with a new one is an essential part of spring HVAC maintenance. By using a dirty filter year after year, you’re reducing your systems’ running efficiency. That can cost your wallet AND the lifespan of your systems. 

Have Your Systems Inspected

Spring HVAC maintenance wouldn’t be complete without having your systems inspected. Call HVAC professionals and request a system inspection. A qualified professional technician will 

look at everything from drainage holes to blower motors on your heater and air conditioner. They will clean out and lubricate moving parts and examine your indoor and outdoor units from top to bottom to assess if any parts need replacement. They can also suggest the most up-to-date energy and money-saving solutions if you’re interested in a new system!

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

The most important thing you can do to keep your heating and cooling systems running year-round is to schedule preventive maintenance. You should schedule a heating tune-up once per year as well as an AC tune-up once per year, on top of following these spring HVAC maintenance tips.

Get in Touch With Trusted HVAC Professionals

Being proactive about spring HVAC maintenance is a great way to extend the life of your systems. However, maintenance isn’t everything. If you notice something unusual during this or any spring HVAC maintenance routine, get in touch with The OverCool Group right away. We’ll send a professional, friendly, and punctual technician out to you ASAP to get you and your family back to comfort before you know it! Contact us today; we’ll be glad to assist you with anything you need.