Should You Repair or Replace Your AC System This Season?

HVAC contractor replacing an AC system during the fall season

It’s the height of summer, and the weather report is calling for yet another day of high temperatures. Do you find yourself throwing a nervous glance at your air conditioning unit or HVAC system? The ongoing struggle of repairing vs. replacing is a seasonal worry for many homeowners; a careful balance of budget and benefit. An efficient system means cool, comfortable interior temperatures, as well as energy savings, particularly if energy star air conditioner models are used.

Assessing Your AC Unit

Energy Star, a certification program run jointly by the Department of Energy (DOA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recommends replacing AC units every 10 to 15 years. In addition to wear and tear from continuous usage, innovation and advances in technology are continually improving performance, a benefit that could keep both your home and your wallet feeling cool. An older unit isn’t necessarily a relic, but generally, the newer your system, the more efficient it will be in terms of energy cost.

Not sure if your current model is up to the task? When in doubt, ask a professional to recommend an AC unit model that’s suitable for both your needs and square footage. If you’ve recently added on to or renovated your property, it’s also an excellent time to reevaluate your air conditioning needs or even your HVAC system as a whole.

Deciding on AC Repair and Maintenance

If you’ve decided not to replace your air conditioning system, keeping it in top shape takes priority. That means hiring a professional AC service to give it a tune-up at least once a year, but ideally twice: once before the heat of the summer makes demands, and once at the end of the season to keep it clean and ready for next year. This maintenance may be as simple as cleaning out leaves, dirt, and debris with special tools, replacing frequently worn parts such as belts, or adding more freon, also called r-22 refrigerant. This chemical allows your air conditioner to work its refreshingly cool magic. While a single visit is usually suitable to address these common concerns, getting on a regular professional maintenance schedule will provide the most peace of mind and preemptive protection for your unit.

Keeping an Eye on Your AC Unit

When your repairing vs. replacing air conditioning conundrum arises, don’t let neglect choose for you. Make it a point to regularly inspect around intake units for problems like moisture, unusual mechanical sounds like uneven grinding or whirring, pest infestations, or electrical concerns such as frayed wires. You don’t need to be an HVAC technician to spot a lingering problem, and ideally, the choice to replace your ac unit shouldn’t be a sudden, overheated need.

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