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Professional Home AC Installation and Replacement in Santa Clarita, CA

Summers in Santa Clarita can get downright hot and uncomfortable. The California sun is relentless during the day, and evenings aren’t much better. That’s why your home must have a well-running air conditioner to keep you and your family cool and comfortable.

Even a well-maintained air conditioning unit will eventually need to be replaced, and Performance Home Services has the knowledge and resources to provide you with a high-quality home air conditioner at an affordable price. As experienced installers of home AC replacements and new units, our team is here to help with your home’s cooling needs.

Home AC Installation From Experts You Can Trust

One of the first questions we are asked when visiting a residential home for an AC replacement is, “How long does it take to install a new air conditioner?” Well, depending on the configuration of your existing home, a typical air conditioning installation would take four to eight hours. That includes removing the old unit as well. So, in one day, you can have a brand new central air conditioning unit installed in your home, ready to take on the summer heat of California.

Another question we are often asked is, “How long should my home’s HVAC system last?” There are many things to consider — such as maintenance schedules, usage, and other factors — when trying to determine the lifespan of an HVAC unit.  The average life expectancy of a residential cooling system is 15 to 25 years. But don’t forget: that can vary depending on the factors discussed above.

Affordable Home Air Conditioner Replacements

Having to purchase a home AC replacement can be a stressful process. The associated costs and work involved with replacing home air conditioning can be a serious inconvenience, but not with Performance Home Services! Our team of residential home AC installers will work to ensure the best possible cost for you and schedule replacing the home air conditioning at a time that’s best for your family.

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New AC Costs Vs. Maintaining Your Existing Unit

With the cost of a new home AC installation or replacement being excessive, you may be asking yourself, “How can I extend the life of my home’s AC?” Well, there are several things you can do to extend the life of your central air conditioning unit and avoid installing a new AC.

First and foremost, it is important to change the air filters monthly when your AC is working hard to keep the home cool during extended periods of excessive heat in the summer. A clogged air or dirty air filter makes your air conditioner work harder to push air through the dirt and grime buildup. Also, scheduling maintenance for your air conditioner is critical to getting the longest life from the unit. Regular maintenance ensures the AC is in good working condition and will catch any potential issues before they become a big problem.

Optimal Performance From the Experts in Residential Air Conditioning

Don’t take a chance with your AC repairs , maintenance, or installation; choose Performance Home Services for all your home AC needs. We also offer HVAC maintenance plans  to help make sure your unit is working properly year after year. In addition to our experience with air conditioning service work, we also offer indoor air quality  and restoration  services. For more information or to schedule your appointment for installation or replacement, make sure to contact Performance Home Services today!